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DIY Natural Air Freshener & Disinfectant Spray Recipe Labels

These are easy to make DIY Natural Air Freshener and Disinfectant labels with recipes. These recipes smell fresh, naturally clean the air, and are healthy for your family!

These are 2×2 inch square labels. I recommend using these labels when printing: OR

This checklist is featured in the post, DIY Natural Air Fresheners

Easy Dilution Guide for Essential Oils

It can be difficult to figure out how many drops of essential oils you can use for yourself and your children. This guide makes it easy!

This checklist is featured in the post, Best Essential Oils for a Cough

laundry chemicals to ditch

Laundry Chemicals to Ditch Printable

Ingredients in conventional laundry detergents are linked to potential health risks. This is a list of the most common harmful chemicals in laundry detergent products.

This checklist is featured in the post, Natural Laundry Detergent: The Best DIY Recipe and Store Bought Options.

hashimotos thyroiditis symptom survey

Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis Symptom Survey

This PDF includes a checklist of the most common Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis symptoms. It is helpful for tracking symptoms when making changes in the products you are using.

Click here to download.

self-care checklist image

Self-Care Checklist

This PDF includes a completed example checklist in addition to a blank template for you to complete with your personal list.

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